Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 2 Begins

The day started at 4 a.m. with a scheduled exercise period and run; however, mother nature threw a curve ball in the form of rain. Surprisingly, common sense prevailed and we did our exercises indoors and the run was called off.

We went back to our barracks and waited for breakfast, then started the day proper with a weapon-cleaning session (we shot our weapons last week). I qualified Sharpshooter on the pistol. This week I will qualify on the M-16 and I look forward to shooting it.

We also did our final medical check before departing. I’m now completely cleared for deployment. My wife will mail the materials I collected before I left that I didn’t want to bring to training here. The items should be in Afghanistan before I arrive.

In addition to getting our medical items finished we also reviewed our basic first aid procedures and received a Rules of Engagement brief from an Army JAG. It definitely left me with the feeling that we aren’t playing by the same rules as the Taliban and other insurgents. In other words, we are adhering to the rule of law but the Taliban isn’t. Another dimension of good vs. evil.

Well I need to get to bed because we get up early for M-16 pre-qualification shooting tomorrow.

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